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Dental Implants

  • Immediate Load Dental Implants

    Immediate load implants, also known as “same day implants,” are quite popular with patients. With this procedure, the abutments and temporary crowns are placed on the implants during the initial surgery. Although it still takes several months for the bone to completely fuse to the implant, the physical characteristics of this type of implant allow you to have one or more functional, attractive crowns in place before you leave the office. Your temporary crowns will be replaced with permanent custom crowns after three to six months.

    Immediate load implants put an end to long wait times between the steps of implant placement. This means that you get to enjoy natural-looking new teeth while the implant is healing—no more embarrassment due to having missing teeth.

    A number of criteria must be assessed to determine whether immediate load implants are a good option for you. One of the main drawbacks of this procedure is that there may be restrictions on what you can eat until the implants have become fully integrated into the mouth. Consult with Dr. Sirakian to find the best solution for you given your specific case.

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